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Plan for Progress

  • Tackle crime that still plagues parts of the district

  • Utilize TIRZ 21 funds to pay for HPD overtime patrols 

  • Install HPD remote monitor stations on public land near crime hotspots

  • Implement a District J Patrol Partnership model in District H

  • Bring back neighborhood storefronts 



  • Invest in all parts of District H, supporting small businesses, encouraging economic development that will support neighborhoods

  • Make decision that impact communities with them and not for them

  • Prioritize public-private partnerships to improve neighborhood amenities

  • Provide neighborhoods with the tools to protect themselves from gentrification through minimum lot size protections and modernize the Chapter 42 Minimum Lot Size Ordinance to include:

    • Ability to sign the petition digitally 

    • Ability to submit your vote digitally

    • Bi-lingual workshops for residents in an area where an application has been filed


  • Expanding access to affordable health care by partnering with the county and Harris Health to put mobile health clinics in areas without easy access to hospitals and medical clinics

  • Increase monitoring and penalties for illegal dumping

  • Reduce the population of stray animals by:

    • Consolidating city and county animal control efforts into one countywide effort

    • Promoting animal education in elementary schools 

    • Utilizing additional vets at City of Houston clinics for spay/neuter/microchip services



  • Keeping taxes low by making government more efficient, reforming outdated TIRZ policies, and increasing the property tax homestead exemption for seniors

  • Prioritize housing for teachers, police, and firefighters who serve our community

  • Promote the Community Land Trust in District H for truly long-term workforce housing

  • Allow for smaller, more affordable housing units to be built in undeveloped parts of the district

  • Lower the cost of new and remodeled housing by reforming the city’s dysfunctional permitting processes



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